April 26TH
WAFIOS Midwest Tech Center  - Mokena, IL

EV Technology Day

‣ Machine demonstrations featuring the FMU 40 E for production of hairpins, I-pins & edgewise bending.
‣ Keynote Speaker Peter Savagian & Technical presentations from event partners.
‣ Equipment & technology for the production of stators, busbars & more!

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Event partners


EV Technology Day is an event focused on electric vehicle technology, and it will feature some of the best partners in the industry. These partners represent some of the most innovative and influential companies in the field of electric vehicles.

SINCE 1893

WAFIOS was established in 1893 and is the world's largest supplier of precision machinery for wire, tube and formed parts. The WAFIOS range of machine types include spring coiling and forming, e-mobility, spring end-grinding, wire bending and forming, tube bending and forming, wire straightening, cutting and end-working.

Developing High Performance Motors
for Electric Propulsion Applications


Peter Savagian
Electrified Future

Peter Savagian is Founder and Principal at Electrified Future, Inc., and is Sr Advisor to McKinsey and Company. He advises and consults for companies and venture capital firms in the electrification of transport and mobility and related services. He has done pioneering work in the EV industry for more than three decades.

At General Motors, he was Chief Engineer and General Director of Propulsion systems. Pete’s work there included the 1996 GM EV1, a full range of hybrid vehicles, the Chevy Volt, and the 2017 Chevy Bolt EV.

Peter Savagian
Electrified Future
Cody Alberto
Head of Design

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We're Hiring: Production Manager
Brooklyn Simmons
Head of Design


9 AM
Doors open - exhibitor networking and machine demonstrations
10 AM
Welcome from WAFIOS and keynote speaker presentations
11 AM
WAFIOS and Gehring technical presentations
12 PM
Lunch buffet provided
1 PM
Event partners technical presentations
2 PM
Exhibitor networking and machine demonstrations

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